Process of Best in Candidate Experience


Thank you for your interest in participating for People Matters Talent Acquisition Awards 2019. We wish you luck through the process!



1A (Online Application)

Oganisations register online by submitting their details and by following the online application process.

Submission starts : 29th March

Closing date: 22nd April


1B (Application Form)

Applicants would be filling the Online Application forms

Closing date: 22nd Apr


1C (Video Testimonial)

Please provide a testimonial for supporting your practice for this awards category. The instructions will appear as soon as you complete 1B.

Closing date: 22nd Apr



2A Shortlisting of Best Practices

Shortlisting of the 3 best practices from each category will be done by the judging panel based on information shared in the application form. This will be done anonymously where the Jury will not be disclosed the applicant’s identity.

22nd April onwards


2B Communication of the Shortlisted companies

The top 3 best practices from each category will be communicated of the interim results.

10th May


2C Submission of a Synopsis on the Best Practice

The shortlisted companies will be submitting a synopsis of their best practice.

17th May



Jury Meet and the Awards evening

The Jury will select one winner in each category from the shortlisted top 3 best practices during the Final Round in Mumbai.

Date of the conference : 29th May



Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do I have a firewall at my office for People Matters website?

If you have a firewall at your office, request you to please use your personal server to apply for the People Matters Talent Acquisition Awards 2019

I am receiving the mailer even when I have already applied, does this mean that my application has not reached to People Matters inbox?

If you have applied for the People Matters Talent Acquisition Awards 2019 and you are still receiving the mailer – Don’t worry! You are a part of our valuable database and we don’t want you to miss any of the awards communication. This does not mean that your application has not been reached us.


What should I do if by mistake, I clicked on the submit button without uploading the right answers to the questions?

Please be double sure before submitting your application. Once the application is submitted, you will not be able to retrieve the same for changes.

How will I see the questions of Stage 1B?

Once you fill the details of stage 1A of any category, the point of contact of your application will receive the link for Stage 1B. This is the main stage to fill in the answers to your questions in regard to your best practice.


Are there any commercials involved?

For The People Matters Talent Acquisition Awards 2019, there is no registration fee involved. These awards are to recognise the best interventions in organisations as part of the Talent Acquisition function.

What are the evaluation criteria’s?

Below are the evaluation parameters for your reference:

  1. The Application nominated should have been implemented in the time span of 18 months
  2. Innovative & Demonstrated excellence in a field
  3. Scalable and need to have significant results
  4. All the answers registered should be in sync with the specified category ROI of the practice


How many categories can we apply for and will the questions will be same for all the categories?

You can apply for all the categories but you cannot apply in more than one category with the same initiative. Also, the questions are same across all categories.

Which are all the companies that are eligible to apply?

We would like to inform you that all organizations across industry segments are eligible to apply, but for those who have an HR offering in the same category as the domain of the Awards. In which case that application stands disqualified - In this case 'Talent Acquisition'.